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Separating isn't easy and we aim to make the process as painless as possible by answering the big questions up front. How long will it take? (weeks not years). How much will it cost? (€2,400 plus VAT per spouse). Once both spouses agree to obtain a legal separation, we consult with both parties to answer any questions you may have. Then when you are happy to proceed, both spouses meet with one of our MII approved family mediators (usually ninety minutes per week for six weeks) at which time all issues to be agreed upon during the separation are resolved (property, finances, assets etc.). Mediation is where both spouses sit down with a qualified mediator who helps both spouses to arrive at mutually acceptable agreements on all aspects of the separation.

Once the mediation is complete, independent solicitors from our legal panel, draw up a Deed of Separation as per the mediated agreement. Following legal consultation with their respective law firms, and if both spouses are happy to proceed, each spouse signs the deed which is exchanged by the law firms to complete the process. This means the legal separation is achieved in a shorter time period, at less cost, with a mutually acceptable outcome.

Our service costs just €2,400 plus VAT per spouse which includes mediators and solicitors fees.

Simply put, we manage the legal separation process, so you don't have to.

Call us on 01 554 6285 with any questions or to start the process.